Warglaives are a Dexterity based weapon-type often wielded by Demon Hunters. Fighters trained in Warglaives learn an advanced fighting style to exploit any foes weakness, and counter any defence.

When empowered with Magic, Warglaives become a fearsome weapon of speed and mobility.

Melee Abilities Edit

Quick Strike Edit

Roll a regular attack and bypass the target's Dodge stat. Deals Slashing damage.

"Lash out with a quick strike, so quickly that it cannot be evaded."

Cost: 5 Energy | Req: Warglaives (1)

Flanking Strike Edit

Roll an attack and bypasses the target's Block stat. Only useable while wielding two Glaives. Deals Slashing damage.

"A confusing strike, taking advantage of dual-wielded blades to fool an enemies defence."

Cost: 5 Energy | Req: Warglaives (1)

Glaive Throw Edit

Roll an attack to hurl your Glaive to at an enemy up to 20ft away. If the attack misses, the Glaive will not bounce back and you will be half disarmed. You must move into melee with the target to retrieve the Glaive on a subsequent turn. Deals Slashing damage.

"Even distance does not provide safety from a master of glaives."

Cost: 5 Energy | Req: Warglaives (2)

Glaivestorm Edit

Roll an attack, applying it to all enemies within Melee range of you. Deals Slashing damage.

"Even when surrounded, a wielder of Warglaives is not outmatched."

Cost: 15 Energy | Req: Warglaives (3)

Fel Rush Edit

Roll an attack and choose a target up to 15yds away, empowering your Glaives with Fel to rush into melee range, making a lightning fast strike that bypasses their Dodge stat.

"Fel-powered Warglaives strike with deadly speed an accuracy."

Cost: 5 Energy | Req: Warglaives (1), Fel Magic (1)

Empowered Glaive Throw Edit

Roll an attack and throw a fel-empowered Glaive at an enemy within 15yds, ricochetng to a second enemy within 5yds of the original target. If your primary attack misses, it cannot ricochet. Deals Slashing damage.

Empower: Spend 5 extra Energy, per additional target, to ricochet the attack to another target within 5yds of the last.

"Powered by Fel, a thrown Glaive carves through multiple foes and always returns to its master."

Cost: 5 Energy | Req: Warglaives (1), Fel Magic (1)

Felblade Edit

Roll an attack as your Warglaives flare with Fel energy. Deals Chaos damage.

Cost: 10 Energy | Req: Warglaives (1), Fel Magic (2)

Perks Edit

Dual Wield Edit

Your training with Warglaives means you can wield one in either hand, making you harder to disarm, and unlocking some special dual-wield abilities.

Requires Warglaives (1)

Fel-Etched Glaives Edit

Your Warglaives are marked with demonic runes, allowing you to channel the power of the Demon Within into your Glaives. All Fel Magic requirements for your abilities can be satisfied by your Demonic Affinity level instead.

Requires Warglaives (1), Demonic Affinity (1)