This page contains information about choosing your character's race, which is step one of Character Creation. The next step is: Assigning Attributes

Choosing a race Edit

For most people choosing a race is simple - if your character already exists, your race is already chosen. Just look at the relevant page for their race to learn what their racial feats are.

However, you may be creating a new character from scratch and looking at creating their character sheet alongside creating them in WoW. In that case, you should bear in mind the following:

No race has any inherent Attribute advantage over another; you could become as powerful a Warrior as a Gnome or as a Worgen. However, some races are inherently better at some things than others, based on their racial histories in the WoW lore. These differences are represented by their racial feats, and while no feats should make one race an inherently more powerful class than another, there will be niche scenarios where your racial benefits can shine.

To learn more, read the individual pages for the races as listed below. The currently supported races are:

When you choose a race, you can immediately pick one of the Racial feats listed. You can later buy more instead of general or class-based feats with your feat points.

Note: If the above link does not work, it is because I have not yet gotten to writing that races feats. If you want to bring a character along and need to write a stat sheet for them, and the race hasn't been done yet, nag me so I know to make it more of a priority.