Night Elves are an ancient race whose history dates back over ten thousand years. Their ancestry and training covers a wide range of disciplines, including powerful mages, wise druids, or fierce fighters.

Night Elves are characterised by their extreme dexterity, stamina, and wisdom from their long lives spent living in the forests, at one with nature. Older elves, especially the Highborne, are also known for their extreme intellgence and mastery of magic.

Night Elf Statistics Edit

Night Elves begin with 30 hp, 15 energy, and 3 natural regeneration.

Night Elf Feats Edit

When selecting this race, choose one of the following for free. You can "buy" more later with skill points.

Child of the Forest Edit

You are at home in the forests, having spent many of your years living within them. You have advantage on all skill checks that relate to forest terrain, or your knowledge of the forests.

Examples include; tracking in a forest, hiding in a forest, noticing something is unnatural about the forest, performing a feat of acrobatics such as leaping through branches, etc.

Wisdom of the Ancients Edit

You have heeded the mistakes of the past, and learned to control your magics carefully. Your gain advantage on spell-casting checks and you always benefit from your base mana-regen, even if you spent mana this turn.

Normally you only gain mana at the end of your turn if you did not spend any, equal to the natural regen+wisdom modifier. Spell-casting checks are wisdom checks when casting difficult spells. Requires 16 Wisdom.

Elune's Blessing Edit

You have dedicated your life to following Elune's teachings, and even if you are not following the path of priesthood, you can all upon her blessing once a day to heal you in a time of need.

Roll a Wisdom check with DC10 to successfully cast the blessing, healing for 10 plus the amount you exceded the DC by. (Example: A total roll of 15 will heal 10+5 for 15 healing.) Corrupted characters (Demon Hunters, Death Knights) must beat a DC15 instead of DC10.

Shadowmeld Edit

A power granted by the Goddess Elune, this ability once exclusive to the Sentinel order is now learned by Night Elves from all walks of life. When the moon is in the sky, you may blend into the shadows with uncanny ability.

When under the light of Azeroth's moon, all stealth rolls are made with a +5 bonus on top of your usual modifier(s).