Demon Hunters are a Melee focused class, they primarily wield Warglaives and use Fel magic granted by their Demonic Affinity.

Recommended Stats Edit

For focusing on Melee damage, a Demon Hunter will want high Dexterity. This gives them both good offence and defence.

Demon Hunters' abilities are magical in nature, and will therefore want some Intellect and Wisdom for mana pool and mana regen respectively. If you were to play a Demon Hunter with no Demon, you could instead invest into Endurance for more stamina.

As with all classes, Endurance is useful as it also boosts your HP.

Primary Skills Edit

Demon Hunters have two primary skills, click the links below to see what abilities you earn from each.

Weapon Skill Edit

Mental Skills Edit

Other Skills Edit

Some Demon Hunters might specialise in these other areas, depending on whether they focus more on Melee or Spell Casting.

Martial Skills Edit

Mental Skills Edit