When creating a character, there are four basic steps to follow.

  • Select a race
  • Assign your attributes
  • Select a class
  • Choose your feats
  • Check out the abilities and spells available to you.

When creating your character, its important to think about what they are good and bad at from a roleplay perspective. No character is good at everything, and while you can certainly make a jack-of-all-trades type character who is average at all things, if you really want to specialise heavily in certain attributes, you will have to take penalties in others.

You should consider that combat is not the only way in which your skills will be tested. Just because you are a melee fighter who doesn't need mana doesn't mean intelligence or wisdom are worthless to you. The same is true of casters who may feel they have no need of physical strength or dexterity.

Remember that you will be roleplaying as part of a party, and so other characters' strengths can make up for your weaknesses, just as you can make up for theirs. The goal is to have all characters shine in their own unique ways

Selecting your Race Edit

For the most part, selecting a race is a trivial matter. Most people will be re-creating an existing RP character and therefore your racial choice is already made.

If you are creating a brand new character, consider that no race starts with any inherent stat advantage. Every race has the same starting stats and amount of skill points to spend. However, racial feats may give some races a bonus in certain areas as is befitting their racial lore. For example Night Elves are know for their affinity for magic, and may get a boost to mana regen, while Humans are known for the raw power they can summon and may get a boost to total mana.

Currently the Glaive system only covers the Alliance races, so the available races are:

  • Humans
  • Dwarves
  • Gnomes
  • Night Elves
  • Draenei
  • Worgen
  • Pandaren

Mixed-race and Sub-race Characters Edit

Some people like to play characters who are born to parents of different races, or are one of the various sub-races that exist in WoW.

For mixed-race characters, you can simply choose racial feats from either side of your characters parentage, to indicate what they have inherited.

For sub-race characters, for now you will simply be considered of the primary race that your sub-race is derived from and select racial traits accordingly. In the future, sub-races might be given unique feats.

Selecting your Class Edit

Selecting your class is a matter of thinking about how your character fights. Your class will determine the abilities and spells available to you, and those abilities will determine the ways your character will excel in combat.

Your class does not have to be an exact mirror of the class you choose to play in WoW, though this is often a good starting point.