Chaos, also known as Fel, is a school of magic created by the clashing all of the Cosmic Forces together at once. Chaos magic is characterised by the intense burning created by its chaotic force, often in the form of a bright green flame that cannot be extinguished by normal means.

Characteristics and Uses Edit

All Chaos magic consumes Life energy inherently, and does so more quickly and intensely than any other school of life-draining magic, such as Shadow or Death. If another source of Life energy is not presented, Chaos magic will consume the energy of the caster themselves.

The effects of this are not immediate, but over long-term use Chaos wielders will have their life-spans shortened if they do not consume the life-force of other living things prolong their own.

However Chaos spells can be channelled through another living creature, draining their life-force or even their Soul to power a spell. Powerful Chaos wielders can consume an entire creature's soul to further boost their magical potential.

There is no known limit to how many souls can theoretically be consumed to boost the power of Chaos magic. Indeed, the Burning Legion are known to construct Soul Engines to house hundreds or thousands of souls, using them as fuel to power massive machines, portals, or other such things.

Like all forms of magic, Chaos Magic is inherently addictive and corrupting, filling its wielder with a sense of power that makes them feel indestructible, as the very energy of the Cosmos flows through their body. The feeling is fleeting however, and always unsatisfying, leaving the user to feel like they never have enough power. This craving often manifests as the wielder becoming more erratic and careless in their quest for more power, mimicking the chaotic nature of the magic they wield.

Chaos Magic can mimic the effects of many other schools of magic due to its compound nature, making it the most versatile of magic, though it is less efficient and more dangerous due to its need to consume the essence of Life itself to function.