Barrier spells, sometimes known as Lesser Barriers, are protective spells in multiple Schools of Magic, available to any spell caster who has attained at least a 1st level of training in a relevant School.

Barrier spells are considered to be Fundamental Spells of their respective schools, and are classified as a Persistent Spell.

Most Barrier spells have expert forms known as Greater Barriers. Greater Barriers have additional effects woven into the spell-work, and often require more expertise in your chosen School.

Greater Barriers can be strengthened further into Shield Spells; masterwork spells requiring a mastery over your School of study.

Description Edit

Mana is woven into a magical barrier that forms around you in a roughly ovoid shape, large enough to cover your entire body. The barrier is translucent and made of the type of energy of the School from which it was cast. The energy of the barrier gives off light (see individual spells for details.)

The barrier is only solid when the caster wills it to be, and solidifying a barrier allows a spell caster to defend themselves with the power of their mind, rather then physical strength or dexterity.

Damage sustained when defending in this manner is dealt first to the barrier itself, which has strength depending on the mana spent. When the barrier's strength is depleted it fades, and any excess damage is dealt to the caster.

When cast in their expert form, Greater Barriers have additional runes woven into mana-shell, creating additional desired effects.

Known Barrier Spells Edit

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