Blazing Barrier is a 1st level Barrier spell in the Fire (Arcane) spell school.

Target: Self | Type: Persistent Spell

Cost: 5

Description Edit

You weave your mana into a flaming barrier made of extremely hot flames, giving off immense heat and bright light. The barrier forms around you in a roughly ovoid shape, covering your entire body, and is translucent and intangible.

The barrier can be solidified at your will, creating resistant force against any object, physical or magical, trying to pass through its boundaries.

Usage Edit

Roll 1d6, plus your Intelligence modifier, for the barrier's strength. While it remains active, you may make Intelligence-based defence rolls, and any Strength or Dexterity saving throws made to avoid damage or to prevent something touching you can be made as Intelligence saving throws instead.

Damage taken when defending in this manner depletes the barrier's strength. If damage received in a single blow exceeds the remaining strength of the barrier, you take the excess in damage.

Blazing Barrier is resistant to Fire damage, and expires after one minute or when the strength reaches zero. Any creature that makes physical contact with you during this time takes 1d4 Fire damage from the flames, per turn, until they move away.

Empowerment Edit

On cast, you can spend additional mana to empower the spell, gaining 1 empowerment for every 5 mana spent. You can add mana up to the 10th empowerment.

The Barrier's strength increases by 1d6, plus your Intelligence modifier, per empowerment.

Additional Details Edit

The Barrier casts a bright light for 10 feet and a dim light for 20 feet, and causes any source of water within 5 feet to start boiling.

The heat is projected outwards only, while the space within retains its normal temperature. The flames are intangible and do not set fire to things that touch them, but the heat can cause scalding burns even when you are not willing the barrier to solidify. 

As a bonus action you may focus on the flames to dissipate them briefly, allowing someone to pass through the barrier unharmed.

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